Chris Green VS Ryan Mack (Debate about Rihanna’s Man Down video)

Ryan Mack:
Great job Rhianna for igniting awarness against all these pathetic women beaters! Women need to stand up and not take it anymore and men need to stand with them…MAN DOWN!

Chris Green: I thought she said she “like the way it hurts” in that song with Eminem. Are we speaking with 2 tongues Rihanna? I am against it as well but let’s take a stand and not promote it simultaneously. A wife beater is a scum bag. I would never stoop that low & wouldnt keep the company of such people either….

Ryan Mack: Brother…we can agree that “like the way it hurts” was not meant to mean like to be beaten. Come on! This is what happens…we are so worried about trying to prove a point that we negate logic. Seriously…”Like the way it hurts” only promotes abuse to those who don’t think or don’t listen to the song and listen to those who don’t think.

Chris Green:
Should I post the lyrics for you if thats not what the songs about.
Do you listen or just commentate… Logically, Enimem is talking about beating the shit out of a woman! Don’t be so blinded byself indulgence and loving your own voice that you wouldn’t consider someone elses opinion. Ryan Mack isnt always right…I guess I LAID HANDS ON HER is a metaphor right… Cmon.Yeah I’m bugging, this is definitely not a wife beater song people. I am just delusional & Logic-less! I seen my sister abused as a youth and I dont think she liked the way it hurts. I know it isnt easy for a woman to leave these situations sometimes, but if we teach us self love before loving others, we would never stand around and let someone hurt us. Love does hurt sometimes, but when it becomes physical, it has gone pass respect and needsto be ended. Sorry is not surgery, it doesn’t heal the wounded! Ryan must’ve gotten to busy to debate, a trick they teach you in UNI I bet!

Ryan Mack:
Chris…my point isn’t to be right brother, my point is that I am sure that Rhianna has always been against beating women. Has she always had the best message, probably not…I don’t follow her that much. However, I know TODAY…she has a song out that has MILLIONS speaking out against domestic abuse…period. I could care less about what she did yesterday…let’s let God and her deal with that. TODAY she is helping the cause and TODAY I am giving her praise for a song that is very positive and is doing good work. I didn’t see you crying about her previous songs before.

Oh…I do love myself…I hope you do to!

Katrinia…I am not praising her as a person…I don’t know her as a person. I am praising her ACTION to make a positive song! If she has done and said those things, I hope she would change; however, that is not my point. My point is with her ACTION today she deserves praise for raising awareness.

I swear…we are the worst when it comes to simply acknowledging the good in others. We are great at pointing out and remembering the laundry list that WE ALL have when it comes to the negative, but when it comes to giving praise for something POSITIVE we take out a rap sheet of ALL the NEGATIVE to take folks down. Stop hating folks! I don’t see anyone on this thread including myself who has a youtube video with dang near two million views that speaks out against domestic violence! If you feel she falls short then put YOUR efforts on the table to fill the void of where she falls short. As it has been said, “If you have nothing nice to say shut your trap!”


Chris…I am actually on my way out the door to teach a group of low income housing residents how to empower themselves…so sorry for my being to occupied to battle your hatred on Facebook. Some of us are actually more concerned about fixing the problems of the world than hating on those who we perceive are creating the problems of the world. Hope you can join the ranks of the problem solvers one day brother!

P.S. When did we become such weak cry babies!? Geez!

Chris Green:
When judging a man, do you simply judge him on one facet of his life? Does a drug dealer who buys basketballs for the community center right his wrongs? We are simply stating fact…facts that you, who are unaware of Rihanna’s songs, history & behavior, are not capable of speaking upon! KUDOS to her for making a song against wife beating but the song “Love the way you lie” receives way more spins. She was fresh out of the Chris Brown situation. I would have NEVER done the song! We have no problem praising others when what they do is logically correct, however we as a people will not shut out eyes upon the wrong doing of our own so that argument you are trying to use is…Bullshit for lack of a more educated word (Bovine Excretion if you will) ….and yes Ryan, I do love myself and my people. And so I will never promote violence against women, EVER! Now everyone has faults, I was merely trying to enlighten you on that song she did but if you rather followers who say “GREAT RYAN< YES RYAN< I LOVE THAT COMMENT RYAN!" I am sorry but I am much more complex! I still love and will follow what you are doing! You are doing wonderful things, don't get offended by debate, for this is your arena, isn't it!

As for MAN DOWN, yea ladies SHOOT YOUR ABUSER… that's Ryan Macks message. Pat yourself on the back for your wonderful endeavors, Come to my neighborhood with a camera and Ill show you what I do….without CNN coverage! The people will talk for me!

I respect you enough to not refer to you as a hater, hopefully one day you will overstand my point of view. No love lost at all. Our community needs us. Malcom and Martin wouldve done greater things if they werent at each others neck so If you feel offended Man up, my apologies for thinking!

Ryan Mack:

LOL…without CNN coverage. Cute! I never do anything without CNN coverage!

Anyways…before we get to a contest to see who does the most, let’s just realize the debate. I am trying to find reasons to praise a sister…you are trying to find reasons to hate on a sister. I suggest that you read the Willie Lynch letter. Also, Malcolm and Martin didn’t have time to discredit the efforts of others as they were too busy trying to make their own efforts. So as opposed to trying to bring down the efforts of Rhianna, use that energy to lift someone else up…you will go further I promise.

As for the invite to your hood…let me know the date and time. I have probably been there already. I will be sure to being my CNN team that travels with me everywhere I go! LMAO!

Ryan Mack: Off to the hood…where is my camera team! LMAO! Loved that one!

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