The Mission

Through Self Experimentation I will HACK my DNA, defy my genes and create a superhuman, CG2.0 version of my former self. Faster, Stronger, Smarter! I aim for impossible, everything else has already been done. I will dedicate the rest of my life to science, learning it, applying it and… innovating it.
There is a “Formula for Success”: MENTAL FOCUS ( study your art every minute you can) + KINETIC ACTIVITY ( don’t just stand there, move )

Take back control of your body, mind and soul. In a capitalist society such as this Doctors will sell you drugs, Pastor will sell you dreams, Old Ideas will sell you short. Evolve. Its the only true path of nature, to get better by observation of past failures or as I call them glitches.

I will build a society of Superhuman citizen who’s only concern is the advancement of the human race.

Contact me anytime here:

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