What is High School for?… (My answer to Seth Godin’s post)

According to Seth Godin, one of my mentor bloggers, High School has a few purposes. It teaches people:
* How to focus intently on a problem until it’s solved.
* The benefit of postponing short-term satisfaction in exchange for long-term success.
* How to read critically.
* The power of being able to lead groups of peers without receiving clear delegated authority.
* An understanding of the extraordinary power of the scientific method, in just about any situation or endeavor.
* How to persuasively present ideas in multiple forms, especially in writing and before a group.
* Project management. Self-management and the management of ideas, projects and people.
* Personal finance. Understanding the truth about money and debt and leverage.
* An insatiable desire (and the ability) to learn more. Forever.
* Most of all, the self-reliance that comes from understanding that relentless hard work can be applied to solve problems worth solving.

Allow me to rebut with a list of my own: Continue reading

Chris Green explains “The Importance of Blood Testing before starting a Diet”

Before starting any diet plan, you should check with a physician to get a blood test.

After much research, I am led to believe that Obesity is a metabolic problem caused by hormonal imbalances. 2 of the most important I’ve found are:

1. Insulin, which regulates blood sugar levels and obese people have a high resistance to Insulin and,

2. Serotonin, which controls the craving for food… especially starches. Obese people normal experience a reduction in brain Serotonin levels, which when stimulated creates a remarkable sense of wellbeing.

There is also Cholesterol, Liver function, Vitamin deficiencies and a host of other concerns that can be determined by getting your blood levels tested.

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