#FITISM: Whats In Your Blender? Ep1 by Chris Green (@Knsocial)

What’s In Your Blender?

Water & Ice
Acai Berry Juice
EAS Pro Science FINISH recovery shake (Strawberry flavored)
Greek Yogurt
Smart Balance Rich Roasted Peanut Butter
Flax Seeds

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AskScooby: When to take protein shake?

Scooby is THE MAN and one of my most sort out sources of info on fitness. He is a super smart guy and doesn’t have to use BIGUNREALISTICSCARYTECHNICAL explanations for his theories.

Scooby gets upset again! Mailbag brings the worst out in him.

I struggle with ways to make excruciatingly boring information somewhat interesting. Enough people have been upset that I wont use this mailbag technique anymore. This is simply a vehicle for explaining the point, there is no Bill from Las Vegas. If you follow the AskScooby forum, my video comments here, or facebook you will know that I never make fun of people who ask questions

If you want to make your own cheap and healthy protein bars:

If you want to make your own cheap and healthy protein shake:

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(less info)