Can You Be A Vegan Bodybuilder? Robert Cheeke says YES!

For the last 3 days, I have been on a vegan styled detox and truthfully speaking, I do not miss meat at all! I won’t say I enjoy my Aloe juice, chlorophyll and vege elixir (YUCK!) but I have been feeling very energized since I started. After answering a comment from a blog reader named Kirk (who seems to be a Vegan) I had to research to see if it was possible to maintain a Vegan diet and be a bodybuilder. This brought me to discover Robert Cheeke, who is…. drum roll please…. a vegan body builder! YES people, they do exist! And he is not an anomaly, no there are others. His blog site boost a plethora of information for the body builders who don’t want to consume flesh. I am in for this one. It’s been 3 days without flesh, and I must say, if I can build my dream body without animal products, I am down to do so!

If you are ever in Queens, NY visit the Veggie Castle 13209 Liberty Avenue
NY 11419-2351 … the Soy ribs are off the chain and The carrot cake is banging!