Rastafarian Diet… Says “Meat is a form of cannibalism!”

There are no beer bellies, spare tyres or love handles at Bobo Hill.

No hippy women with meaty thighs or flabby arms.

In this tightly governed hillside community of Rastas on the fringes of eastern Kingston, bodies are lean with nary an ounce to spare.

The slender physiques are a testimony to their meatless diet. The Rastafarians at Bobo Hill say they do not eat meat, or ground provisions that grow on a vine, like pumpkin, red peas and sweet potato. Instead, they eat mainly fruits; vegetables; ground provisions like yam and dasheen; bananas and plantains; and whole wheat flour.

Bobo Hill grows its own food ­ callaloo, peanuts, bananas, dasheen, coco, plantain, Irish potato, carrot, cassava, and a variety of other items. (They do, however, buy from outside when they run short.) They also bake their own bread, yatty (patty), and puddings. Continue reading

Shaking Up Your Cheat Days! [Shake Shack]

Dieting and eating right doesn’t have to be painful and boring. Although I adhere to a cheat day once a week, I have decided to do a conscious cheat day. Its a lot different that straight up eating the worst of the worst for a day. I don’t usually care for a Burger and Fries after seeing the report about whats in America beef supply. But after doing some research, I found this place, Shake Shack! Now not only do the serve Burgers and fries made Allergen Free and Gluten-less ingredients, I have to add that it taste REALLY GOOD TOO!

Cheat day is fast approaching and I am getting all worked up thinking about where I am going to go to fail for the day! Ummm.
Check them out ASAPAGUS!
(212) 889-6600

11 Madison Ave
New York, NY 10010