Currently Reading: EAT TO WIN by Dr. Robert Haas

On thing I love about Brooklyn, NY is that YOU DON’T HAVE TO BUY BOOKS HERE! You can walk through Boreum Hill and Park Slope and find 100’s of good reads in boxes. People here share knowledge!

Yesterday while at doing laundry with my niece Muffin, I found two good books, one was a calorie index that you can use to find the calories in foods not listed, like an apple for example and the other was EAT TO WIN by Dr. Robert Hass.
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CrossFitISM Workout: Saturday Mar. 12, 2011

Today I got it in at Prospect Park. Dips on the benches, Log curls, Stairs, Spirits etc. Video will be up tomorrow! GET FIT. WHO NEEDS A GYM!

3 Mile Brisk Walk
20 Log Curls ( 3 sets)
20 Dips ( 3 sets)
20 push ups ( 3 sets )
5 quick sprints up a hill surface
5 stair runs

This was the light version… Go Hard!

AskScooby: When to take protein shake?

Scooby is THE MAN and one of my most sort out sources of info on fitness. He is a super smart guy and doesn’t have to use BIGUNREALISTICSCARYTECHNICAL explanations for his theories.

Scooby gets upset again! Mailbag brings the worst out in him.

I struggle with ways to make excruciatingly boring information somewhat interesting. Enough people have been upset that I wont use this mailbag technique anymore. This is simply a vehicle for explaining the point, there is no Bill from Las Vegas. If you follow the AskScooby forum, my video comments here, or facebook you will know that I never make fun of people who ask questions

If you want to make your own cheap and healthy protein bars:

If you want to make your own cheap and healthy protein shake:

… (more info)
(less info)