The Mission: 2011

I’m On A Mission. It’s 12:44 AM, Sunday, March 6, 2011. I currently weight 195.8 according to my Homedics scale. A few months ago, I was 230 lbs, Obese! The last 3 yrs of my existence have been controlled by the computer. Basically everything I do is on my Mac, besides my day job ( as a cook in a home for Mentally Retarded people). So as you could imagine, that includes a whole lot of sitting, snacking and zero physical activity (besides typing!!!). I packed on those pounds without even realizing what I was doing to myself, my health and my happiness. Truthfully, anybody that knows me can tell you I was an angry guy the last 3 yrs. My love life was absent, my social life was twitter and my life was endanger. I was the perfect candidate for a couple dozen diseases including High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Heart Failure… Its a scary thing to think about. The funny thing is I look in the mirror everyday, but couldn’t see the gain.

Not only was I FAT, I was smoking (weed ) heavily which made me edgy and short of breath. The combination was crazy. But a change came when I got back some pictures from a family bar-b-que which showcased me at my fattest physique ever. Now mind you, I’ve been heavy most of my life. Well I had 2 great summers when I was around 19 -20. I did a lot of running that year and got myself in shape long enough to meet a young lady whose lack of cooking skills pulled my into the world of Instant Scalloped Potato Au Gratin, Mac N Cheese and any other instant fail food she could whip us up! Before you know it, I was back fat and I had discovered my new found pass time, the Internet.

Anyway , back to the pics. Man I was so disgusted by what I saw that I went outside and ran. I didn’t get to far but mentally, I was setting myself up for the biggest turn around my life has ever seen. Fast forward to now. I currently maintain a membership at 2 gyms (Planet Fitness, which I use to train others & NYSC which is were I workout with my business partner Adonis Hill) and every morning, except for rest days, I am up at 5:00 AM readying myself for a workout.

Not only is my body changing, so is my attitude towards life. I love myself much more which translates to me showing love to others also. I messed up a few relationships in my past that I truly wish I could mend, but right now, its all about improving me. I have a goal to reach (174lbs which is the average for my age and height) and nothing is going to stop me from reaching that. Hopefully by summers end I will reach this goal, no fad diets or miracle pills. It’s 100% dedication and knowledge. I study this religiously. I call it FITISM. This is my life!