Studies say “Don’t F with #VitaminE!” #Fitism #ProstateCancer

Via: San Francisco Chronicle
There is more evidence that taking vitamin E pills can be risky. A study that followed up on men who took high doses of the vitamin for about five years found they had a slightly increased risk of prostate cancer – even after they quit taking the pills.

Doctors say it’s another sign that people should be careful about using vitamins and other supplements.
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Oxygen is Killing Us!

I’ve been reading extensively on aging and found some good literature (between Aubrey De Grey & Dr. Gary Null) which makes it sound easy to reverse the process and well, live forever! But as Aretha Franklin once sang, “Can it be that it was all so simple!” Not quite. However let me give you a summary of the reason why we age, according to my notes: Continue reading

Ozone (O3) Treatments kept a secret from Americans?

When you are on the path to find something (that something being health in my case), you will always find clues along the way! I was reading Scar Tissue by Anthony Kiedis (the front man of my favorite band, Red Hot Chilli Peppers), and right in the first few pages I am exposed to O3, or Ozone which Anthony used to detox from Heroin and a host of other drugs and treat a case of Hepatitis C he contracted from shooting up!

So of course I Googled it!
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#GetSwole: Superhuman Workout Rules to follow!

As always, I have some great advice for those of you who are working on a Superhuman physique. Not you buff for the summer subhumans, I talking about the fitness is my religion believers. For the rest of you (an obviously 4 million people can’t be wrong right) there is the SHAKE WEIGHT.


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