Finding GOD Within & the Preciousness Of LIFE… #Fitism

Yesterday, crowds of people ascended upon Prospect Park in support of friends & love ones who are suffering or who have died from Cancer (mainly breast cancer). I went in support of a good friend of mine who was recently diagnosed with Cervical Cancer. I was truly proud to see the turn out. Hundreds of people, young & old, from strollers to wheel chairs walking together to fight a disease that is destroying our community. Yesterday I witness Humanity. It wasn’t about a color, religion or a political party, age or gender, it was about LIFE and how precious living is.

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Doomsday Addictions & Superhumans understanding of death.

“Death: There’s nothing bad about it at all except the thing that comes before it—the fear of it.”

~ Seneca Quotes from Letters from a Stoic

Yesterday, everybody talked about and feared the end of the world. I even allowed myself to play into this insanity a bit. But today I am blogging, and the world moves on without a skipped beat. WHY ARE WE SO ADDICTED TO DEATH AND DOOMSDAY THEORIES. I mean the Y2K bug was supposed to render us blog-less and send us back to the Paleo Age, but it didn’t! Now Family Radio president Harold Camping’s May 21, 2011 Doomsday Campaign has gone and NOTHING! So now we are looking forward to the end the Maya’s predicted? Continue reading

The Mission: 2011

I’m On A Mission. It’s 12:44 AM, Sunday, March 6, 2011. I currently weight 195.8 according to my Homedics scale. A few months ago, I was 230 lbs, Obese! The last 3 yrs of my existence have been controlled by the computer. Basically everything I do is on my Mac, besides my day job ( as a cook in a home for Mentally Retarded people). So as you could imagine, that includes a whole lot of sitting, snacking and zero physical activity (besides typing!!!). I packed on those pounds without even realizing what I was doing to myself, my health and my happiness. Truthfully, anybody that knows me can tell you I was an angry guy the last 3 yrs. My love life was absent, my social life was twitter and my life was endanger. I was the perfect candidate for a couple dozen diseases including High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Heart Failure… Its a scary thing to think about. The funny thing is I look in the mirror everyday, but couldn’t see the gain.

Not only was I FAT, I was smoking (weed ) heavily which made me edgy and short of breath. The combination was crazy. But a change came when I got back some pictures from a family bar-b-que which showcased me at my fattest physique ever. Now mind you, I’ve been heavy most of my life. Well I had 2 great summers when I was around 19 -20. I did a lot of running that year and got myself in shape long enough to meet a young lady whose lack of cooking skills pulled my into the world of Instant Scalloped Potato Au Gratin, Mac N Cheese and any other instant fail food she could whip us up! Before you know it, I was back fat and I had discovered my new found pass time, the Internet.

Anyway , back to the pics. Man I was so disgusted by what I saw that I went outside and ran. I didn’t get to far but mentally, I was setting myself up for the biggest turn around my life has ever seen. Fast forward to now. I currently maintain a membership at 2 gyms (Planet Fitness, which I use to train others & NYSC which is were I workout with my business partner Adonis Hill) and every morning, except for rest days, I am up at 5:00 AM readying myself for a workout.

Not only is my body changing, so is my attitude towards life. I love myself much more which translates to me showing love to others also. I messed up a few relationships in my past that I truly wish I could mend, but right now, its all about improving me. I have a goal to reach (174lbs which is the average for my age and height) and nothing is going to stop me from reaching that. Hopefully by summers end I will reach this goal, no fad diets or miracle pills. It’s 100% dedication and knowledge. I study this religiously. I call it FITISM. This is my life!