Finding GOD Within & the Preciousness Of LIFE… #Fitism

Yesterday, crowds of people ascended upon Prospect Park in support of friends & love ones who are suffering or who have died from Cancer (mainly breast cancer). I went in support of a good friend of mine who was recently diagnosed with Cervical Cancer. I was truly proud to see the turn out. Hundreds of people, young & old, from strollers to wheel chairs walking together to fight a disease that is destroying our community. Yesterday I witness Humanity. It wasn’t about a color, religion or a political party, age or gender, it was about LIFE and how precious living is.

Some of us never realize how blessed we are until faced with adversary. Some of us never appreciate life until the threat of losing it. Material goods can not define the beauty of life. This pass week, rapper Rick Ross suffered 2 seizures. Up until then, I believe his motto was “Teflon Don: I am invincible!” Steve Jobs, a man with access to any technological advancements passed away at the hand of Cancer with all the claims of Living Forever in the scientific community. Now anyone who knows me knows I am very opinionated when it comes to GOD, as I believe there are many different definitions for the one term, but these events bring one closer to the true GOD who can be found within self. I don’t define GOD in human qualities but in a force that is within us all. I urge you my readers to find your GOD within, take control of your life, your health, your well being. Its not hard to dedicate 30 mins out of a 24hr day to your fitness.

If my grammar or spelling isn’t right, excuse me. I am in a rush to get out into the world to take care of business. I am fresh out the gym from a great chest workout. Every time I lift a weight, no matter how much stronger I get, I look at it as how weak I really am. As we get stronger, we realize more our weaknesses. Then and only then can we see GOD. When we test our humanity as find limits, we know that beyond our understanding, there is a higher power… #FITISM

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