Top 5 places I’d like to visit in the next 5 years

Before my time on earth expires I must visit :

1) Brazil to training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu… you can find a hardcore camp on a meager budget & be more focuses away from this Concrete Jungle and in the real Jungle. Not to mention the sexual experience. I am a single guy, no same in my game, I want to experience the sexual healing of Brazilian women. So thats 2 goals in one trip.

2) India to see a Ayurveda Guru for a full diagnoses of my health and a body cleanse. These guys do not treat disease, they treat humans. So it would be a search for enlightenment that would fuel this trip. Plus India is a beautiful place. I would also like to experience some form of Karma Sutra sex. Once again, I am a single man and why be superhuman and master body if not the pleasures of great sex with a great woman!

3) St. Lucia to take a thermal bath in there Natural Hot Sulfur Springs which aids in pain-killing and anti-inflammatory effects on the body. Thermal sulphur baths are well-suited for the treatment of illnesses of the musculoskeletal system. It helps the muscles throughout the entire body relax and the body’s connective tissue becomes more flexible. The blood vessels widen, the pulse and metabolism increase. Blood flow to the skin increases, which leads to an improvement in the absorption of oxygen and minerals. Sulphide enters the blood through the skin, and where needed, it contributes to the healing process, inhibits some joint inflammation or helps in the reconstruction of articular cartilage. oh yea… and maybe good sex with a Lucian girl.

4) Honduras to visit Dr. Sebi’s Healing Village for a life-time revitalization experience. Geo thermal pools, healthy foods grown ORGANICALLY, Sebi’s mineral rich herbal compounds, the bath waters contain the highest levels of alkaline, possessing a pH greater then 7 and most of all No television or Radio, the world can end and I wouldn’t be bothered. NO SEX HERE JUST FOCUS.

Images of Jasmine Spa and Wellness Holistic Health Centre, Puerto Plata
5) Dominican Republic’s Jasmine Spa and Wellness Holistic Health in Puerto Plata. Lymphatic Drainage, Hot Stone Therapy, Deep tissue massages and …… why not sex with a Dominican girl!

I will choose one for this years winter retreat.

DISCLAIMER: As I promote a health mind & body note that should I have any sexual encounters on these trips, it will be with some lady I shared a connection with and NOT PROSTITUTION. I do not in any form promote the trade. It is an unhealthy way to gain sexual experience and the lack of mind connection takes away from a truly great experience. Besides disease is rampant in this trade.

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