Wine & Mind pt.1 (MIND WARRIOR by Dr. HAHA LUNG)

If you really want to know how a man/woman thinks, check out their personal library. Yes, trust me it works. As a matter of fact, if I didn’t love you guys (my Superhuman supporters) so much, I’d never -ever -evaevaevaevaevaevaevaeva let you know what I was reading. It is one of those private parts of life that you only share with you most intimate friends. Would I tell my good Jewish friend Markowitz that I was reading Mein Kampf (which is Adolph Hitler’s Bio), hell NAW! Only because I respect him. But I do want to know, what made this man the person he was. YOU GET IT????? Anyhow, on to my post;

WINE & MIND pt.1 ….

This book goes good with a $6.99 bottle of Chilean Merlot from 2008… preferable the brand 120 because they have an intriguing story of 120 Chilean revolutionaries on the back of the bottle.

It’s all about controlling YOUR OWN mind, not mind controlling others. I picked up a few good lessons from this book that I’d like to share with you guys.

1. MONEY IS ONLY USEFUL IF YOU CAN ACCESS IT: in other words, banking is all good, but you should have some PESH (CASH) at hand. Don’t put you trust and resources in the hands of another (in this case dirty wall street scumbags). Make sure you have emergency funds you can touch.

2. REAL TIME INTELLIGENCE IS CRUCIAL – Stop living in the past. History is great but so is current events. Lack of current, constantly updated information on the battlefield can get you killed. In other words don’t study how to use ninja swords; they’ve invented guns!

3. There are 3 things people will always be SCARED of: the are 1) People will always be scared to question authority (Obama might throw me in Guantanamo Bay if I ask to see Bin Ladens Body on twitter)… 2) People are scared to death of taking on responsibility (An apartment? what if I lose my JOB?)… 3) People are scared to try new things (Octopus and Lentil peas soup? Chris are you crazy? I’m not eating that??????)

4. There are many good excuses… but not one good explanation.

and finally
5. History is written by those who win the war…

I suggest you buy (or at least visit Barnes and Nobles and skim through) this book. what I have written isn’t even a 1/10th of the great info this book has. But as always remember the rule, 20% of information is useful and 80% is BULLSHIT. Learn how to filter information.

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