The Asian Squat… (Squatting w/ Proper Form)

Asians have developed many techniques to accommodate the strenuous activities that they are accustomed to in their native countries. This includes bending over to pick rice in rice patties, strengthening their arms to sell food to pedestrians, or just sitting back to enjoy the little things in life like eating bowls of rice. However, somewhere down the line, Asians figured that they couldn’t do all of these activities standing up for extended amounts of time. Hence, the Squat was born. After reading this post, you will know what the asian squat is, where it comes from, and most importantly, why it’s effective.

As mentioned in an award-winning documentary by Daniel Hsia (How to do the Asian Squat [2002]), the Asian Squat is much different from other squats. Originating in India, the squat made its way to China, where asians figured that it was the ideal way to eat rice and be ready to defecate at any given time. Given these uses, the squat has evolved into more than just a makeshift eating position.

It is now a way of life. Asians everywhere use it when they are smoking, reading, eating, waiting, shaving, and any other gerund-verb combination you can think of. Let’s not forget the most important use of the squat, keeping the asian bottom cleaner while using the bathroom (which in many asian countries is just a hole in the ground with running water). Think about all the crap that accumulates when the cheeks are so close together (like in the american toilet). This way, asians are able to be quite economical in their choice of toiletries.

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